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ETUI:n aineisto talouskriisin vaikutuksista eläkkeisiin

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Tiedoksenne EAY:n ay-instituutin ETUI:n julkaisema keskusteluaineisto talouskriisin vaikutuksista julkisiin ja yksityisiin eläkkeisiin: ETUI Policy Brief 6/2009 Public and private pensions: Lessons from the crisis. Aineiston on kirjoittanut itävaltalainen ekonomisti Agnes Streissler.


Taloudellisen kriisin vaikutuksista työmarkkinoihin, verotukseen ja muihin kysymyksiin on laajasti keskustelut. Kriisin vaikutuksista eläkkeisiin on tähän mennessä vähemmän keskusteltu, tosin kunkin maan tilanteesta riippuen.

Aineisto antaa yleiskuvaa EU-maiden kehityksestä eläkerintamalla. Kriisin ohella eläkejärjestelmien toimivuuteen ja rahoitukseen vaikuttaa Euroopan maiden väestön ikääntyminen. Streissler huomauttaa, että eläkejärjestelmien rahoitus edellyttäisi BKT:n vuotuista yli 2,5 prosentin kasvua sekä väestömuutokseen liittyviä toimia kuten työllisyysasteen nostamista, työssäolovuosien lisäämistä ja eläkeiän nostamista.

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ETUI Policy Brief
Public and private pensions: Lessons from the crisis

Author : Agnes Streissler
Editor : Andrew Watt

Published by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), 2009
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Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear colleague,
The implications of the economic crisis for labour markets, for taxation and other issues have been widely discussed. A key, but so far largely ignored, issue is the effect of the crisis on pensions. This, the sixth ETUI Policy Brief in 2009, considers the lessons to be drawn from the crisis for both private and public pensions. The author, Agnes Streissler, points to the substantial financial risks for retirees in private capital-funded schemes.
The Policy Brief provides an overview of pension developments in Europe. It points out that, contrary to widespread perceptions, pay-as-you-go and funded systems are fundamentally similar in macroeconomic terms: both are dependent on economic growth and are under pressure because of demographic changes. At the same time, funded systems are considerably more risky in terms of the entitlements of successive cohorts leaving the labour market. This has been brought home extremely clearly by the crisis. Administrative and other costs are also higher, a fact obscured by high returns in recent years which, however, are unsustainable in the longer run.
I do hope that you find the Policy Brief useful for your work and of interest for the political and academic debates facing Europe, all the more so in the current environment of economic crisis. If you do not want to receive it any more, an email to me with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line suffices. We try and keep our distribution list up to date. Please let us know of any change in your contact details and especially your e-mail address.
We welcome your comments, criticisms and proposals for articles; proposals should be short (2-3000 words), policy-oriented contributions to current economic and employment issues in Europe.
This is the last Policy Brief of 2009, so I would like to wish all readers a peaceful and pleasant end-of-year holiday and a good start into the New Year. The ETUI policy Brief will be back in 2010 with more analyses relating to topical economic and employment policy debates in Europe.
Andrew Watt
Editor of the ETUI Policy Brief - European Economic and Employment Policy
Senior researcher
European Trade Union Institute
awatt@etui.org <mailto:awatt@etui.org>
www.etui.org <http://www.etui.org/>

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