FinUnions looks after the interests of Finnish workers in the EU

FinUnions is the EU office of Finnish trade union confederations. In Brussels, FinUnions looks after the interests of Finnish workers and represents about 1,7 million members of Finnish confederations. We also inform our Finnish stakeholders about the EU decision making processes related to labour markets.

The cornerstone of the Finnish labour market system are widespread organisation of employees and employers, a strong tradition of bargaining and co-operation, and national incomes policy settlements agreed between the government and both sides of industry. In Finland, three out of four workers belong to the trade union for their industry or occupation.
Finland's trade unions are organised in turn under three national confederations:
SAK, STTK and Akava.

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Memorandum of Finnish Trade Unions on EU Social Pillar, 10 Nov 2016:

Memorandum 10 Nov 2016 (docx) (85.1 KB)

Contact details:

Aleksi Kuusisto, Director, +32 493 99 80 62, aleksi.kuusisto(at)  

Tiina Huotari, Communications Officer, +32 492 08 01 39,